Working Visas

There are many different types of working visas that will allow you to work within Australia for a specific amount of time. The best work visa for you is dependent on your circumstances, how long you wish to stay and your skills and qualifications.

Short Stay Work Visas

A Short Stay Work Visa allows you to work within Australia on a short-term basis. There are different types of Short Stay Visas, with some allowing you to work whilst you are on holiday, and others giving you the opportunity to carry out highly specialised work on a short-term basis.

Temporary Work Visa

A Temporary Work Visa will allow you to work within Australia temporarily.

Temporary Work Visas vary for different people and may involve meeting certain conditions. For e.g. You may be required to carry out a specific type of work or work for a certain company.

Permanent Work Visas

A Permanent Work Visa allows you to work within Australia as a permanent resident.

You may obtain an employer sponsored work visa, that allows you to obtain permanent residency whilst being sponsored by your employer. Or you may apply for a skilled independent visa, that allows you to apply for Australian residency without being sponsored. As there is no sponsorship, applicants are chosen based on their skills and occupation.

Not sure how to apply for an Australian work visa? That’s ok, Immico migration agents are highly experienced in the application process for work visas and can provide you with expert Australian visa help.

Visa conditions and the specifics regarding Immigration to Australia are subject to change, at the discretion of the Australian Government.

For the latest information on the conditions and regulations, as well as the services that we offer, speak to our Immico Immigration and Visa Experts. Otherwise information can be found directly from the Department of Home Affairs.


Checklist of Requirements (pdf)

FORM 54 (pdf)

FORM 956 (pdf)