Permanent Migration Visas

Australia is one of the best countries in the world. From beautiful beaches to tropical rainforests to grand mountain ranges, there is so much to explore. To top it all off, we have a world class education system with an abundance of employment and career opportunities. 

Fortunately, you can apply for a permanent resident visa, so that you can reside in Australia indefinitely. As an Australian permanent resident, you will also be able to work and study, and even apply for Australian citizenship if you fulfil the relevant criteria. 

Here at Immico, we can assist you with transitioning from a temporary visa to a permanent resident visa. Our registered immigration agents will assess your eligibility and assist you with the completion of all required documentation for your permanent resident visa application. 

There are numerous ways in which you can achieve permanent residency within Australia, with several visa categories falling under permanent residency, such as Subclass 189 Visa and Subclass 190 Visa. Immico migration agents will provide you with professional visa advice and assist you in determining which pathway best suits you and your circumstances. 

If you dream of starting a new life in the beautiful land down under, then reach out to the Immico team today, to obtain professional australian visa help and explore which permanent residency pathway is best for you. 

Visa conditions and the specifics regarding Immigration to Australia are subject to change, at the discretion of the Australian Government.

For the latest information on the conditions and regulations, as well as the services that we offer, speak to our Immico Immigration and Visa Experts. Otherwise information can be found directly from the Department of Home Affairs.


Checklist of Requirements (pdf)

FORM 54 (pdf)

FORM 956 (pdf)